Wonderful Hotel Bambara


This family-friendly, four-star hotel has authentic African architectural features indoors and outdoors. In the 76-room building, in addition to the premium category rooms, there are two-room junior suites and three-room large suites, as well. While designing the sophisticated rooms and suites, our aim was to strive for uniqueness by combining thematic approach, functionality and European comfort. The interior and layout of the rooms reflect perfect quality and practicality, where the guests do not have to miss the intimacy of their home.
The recreation of the adult guests is provided by the child-friendly Sahel wellness section, while the parents who arrive with children will enjoy the special services for children, the kids’ pools, playrooms, children’s animation, colourful indoor and outdoor program opportunities and wellness experience on 1,200 square metres.
The wildlife of Africa is experienced in the hotel’s atrium, where the guests can follow the life of a meerkat family. The mascot of the house, Bizsu (Bijou) makes the children smile every day.

Developments in 2017/2018:

  • Expansion of the Sahel wellness world, which is reserved only for the adults
  • Reconstruction and expansion of the Beach bar
  • Construction of 7 African bungalows
  • Development of the mystical cave
Year of opening:2011
Operator:Bambara Team Kft.

Wonderful Hotel Bambara

  • 76 rooms, including 21 suites, and 6 room types
  • wellness and SPA on 1,200 square metres, 8 outdoor and indoor pools
  • exclusive adult wellness section
  • restaurant, drink bar, wellness bar and beach bar
  • conference facilities on 330 square metres, 5 event rooms
  • 3 playrooms for children of different ages

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Won awards:

TSMA 2017

The best Facebook site of the year

Hungarian Real Estate Development Prize 2016

Special award

World Luxury Hotel Awards 2016

Luxury Family Hotel 1st place

Szallas.hu 2014

Hotel of the Year

István Telekessy Regional Development Award 2012

to hotel manager dr. Richárd Szepesi

Best of Budapest & Hungary 2012

Best Wellness Hotel