Luxury residential properties in the middle of Lake Balaton!

The BalaLand Residence has about 100 luxury residential properties on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, in the village Szántód, in a picturesque direct waterfront setting. Within the framework of the BalaLand project, you do not only purchase a premium residential property, but it will be also located in the immediate neighbourhood of the BalaLand Familypark attraction park for children, open for 12 months a year, to be built in the development area, and the complex services of the BalaLand Family Hotel & Resort that not only increase the value of your property, but provide their meaningful utilization all year round. So you, the members of your family or your friends can enjoy the convenience of your real estate, just within reach of the exclusive world of BalaLand.

The BalaLand Residence is only a 1-hour drive from Budapest, and a 2-minute drive from the Szántód Ferry, so you can reach the northern shore of Lake Balaton (Tihany, Balatonfüred) within a few minutes.

Some of the properties will be available as a “Resort” option, which allows you to let out your apartment through the BalaLand Family Hotel, beyond the previously indicated periods, so you can have attractive returns on your investment.

Even in the design phase of the residential properties, we offer the highest standards of architectural, interior design and energy solutions, while the needs and aspects of the future residents will also be gathered so that the BalaLand Residence will be able to provide satisfaction for everyone.

By filling out the following short questionnaire, you cannot only contribute to the achievement of the above goals but, if you require, you may also become a member of an exclusive circle that will be periodically informed about the progress of the project and will be given the chance to choose the property first. The expected delivery of the project: second half of 2019.

Welcome to the world of BalaLand!

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