The resort’s utilization

The annual yield is up to 10% of the purchase price

If you do not move into and use the real estate, you intend to buy, as a permanent residence and you only want to use it temporarily, for short periods of time, and would like to generate returns on your real estate investment, we offer you the exclusive resort utilization construction.

You can let out your apartment beyond the dates previously reserved for your own purposes and specified on an annual basis to the neighbouring 5-star BalaLand Family Hotel for utilization.

Purchase an apartment, and give your apartment to the BalaLand Family Hotel for utilization for the periods you do not use it, and benefit from our yield construction for the total investment value!

The point of the construction is: for the longer period you ask the hotel to let out your apartment, the higher yield you can hope for. The resort utilization agreements are concluded in a limited number and in the order of application.

The guarantee of the successful hotel sales is the many years of experience in sales and marketing and the outstanding success of the Wonderful Hotel Bambara and the Fabulous Hotel Shiraz, which belong to the investor’s Group.

The condition of participation in the resort’s utilization construction is to order the premium category caribbean interior design, as specified by the investor, and to provide the technical equipment necessary for the resort’s utilization.

The information is not complete; please contact our sales colleagues for further details.

Caribbean Colonial

The colonial style is a blend of the culture and the colours of different countries. The European traditions, the oriental luxury and exotic elegance are mixed in this style. Colonial style is characterized by the use of calm pastel colours and much wood. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and relaxed in such an environment. The wood and light colours give a feel of warmth, while the interior area creates a noble, relaxing and very cosy atmosphere.

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